A Portrait Fit for a NHS Hero

A Portrait Fit for a NHS Hero

When Wheathills heard about the brilliant and heart-warming Portraits for NHS Heroes project initiated by painter Tom Croft, we knew immediately that we must take part and do our bit.

We used the social media platform Instagram to offer a free portrait to the first NHS key worker to make contact and within minutes we had our first request. Bristol-based Dr Sananda Turner asked whether we might create a portrait of her surgeon husband Samuel and we were delighted to be able to help.

Our team worked collaboratively to produce a stunning portrait in micro-marquetry of Dr Turner, a renal surgeon who has worked heroically throughout the pandemic. Thousands of tiny pieces of timber from twenty different species were used to create our portrait, which was based on an amalgam of photographs taken of Dr Turner as he had finished a shift at a North Bristol NHS Trust hospital.

We feel the portrait really captures a lived moment, and we are delighted that the Turner’s were thrilled to receive the work. We expect that the portrait will eventually be featured in an on-line exhibition along with the work of artists world-wide who have freely given their time to depict our numerous and devoted key workers.

If you would like a portrait producing of a family member or even a pet, please get in touch with us on 01332 308808.

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Dr Samuel Turner 'overwhelmed' by NHS Hero portrait

As reported on the BBC news:


The heroes behind the masks

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