Promise Box

Promise Box

Nothing can match the intrigue and excitement provided by the gift of a promise box with its mysterious key.

Promise Box

Unlock the secret to an unsurpassed gift with a promise box. The beautiful box with a personalised marquetry monogram provides a tantalising taster to the greater gift to follow. A handmade key inside the small and beautifully crafted promise box will in due course open the memory box that is to be designed with creative input from the recipient and a little help from us.

This is a perfect gift for a special someone who likes a mystery and would relish being part of the creative process of designing their own memory box.

Each promise box comes in a beautiful handmade presentation case, together with a gilt scroll delivering your sentimental message and description of the amazing memory box journey to follow.

Testimonial: 'I am proud to become its owner, and amazed by what they have achieved through their outstanding skills, creative artistic abilities and endless hard work'.

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