Portraits in Marquetry

Portraits in Marquetry

Portraits in Marquetry

Our captivating portraits will command attention in any gallery or hung on any wall.

We use more than one hundred minute pieces of timber per square inch to create every marquetry masterpiece. Each portrait is created entirely in timber and go beyond simple representation to capture the essence of the subject’s character.

Our talented team of artists and craftspeople ensure that every portrait is a work of art reflecting the closest detail of expression and emotion in a subject’s face.

Take a closer look...

To commission a portrait by Wheathills simply provide us with an existing family photograph or arrange a photoshoot with our in-house professional photographer to produce a suitable image for our team of artists' to be inspired by.

We will then provide you with your own artists impression, based on a pencil drawing of the source image. Once you approve this work, we will discuss additional aspects including the frame design, background veneers and other personalisation.

During a twelve week process you will be welcome to visit us to experience at first hand, the gradual transformation of thousands of pieces of timber into a magnificent portrait.