The Nature of the Sixth Sense

The Nature of the Sixth Sense

Wheathills explores the concept of sensory awareness beyond the realm of normal perception in its new art collection.

The Nature of the Sixth Sense

Marquetry artists worked to minute specification so that each piece of veneer reflected the properties of such details such as the patination of a feather or the ragged nap of a hare's fur as it catches the breeze. Each picture was then assembled by hand using thousands of tiny pieces of the chosen timber and traditionally hand French polished to an aromatic beeswax finish by the Wheathills' team. All eighteen originals were mounted in distinctive hand-made solid walnut contemporary-style frames inlaid with a broad band of beautiful birch tree bark.

More than two years in the making, the Sixth Sense collection delivers to the observer an extraordinary insight into the natural world, an experience which is cleverly amplified by the design of the frame. The untreated birch tree bark surround acts not so much as a simple mount, but a kind of natural woodland peephole through which the viewer glimpses 'moments of intensity' in the lives of these beautiful wild creatures.

The collection has already inspired a stunning piece of art, commissioned by Ian Scarr-Hall, owner of Amhuinnsuidhe Castle on the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides. Eagles over Amhuinnsuidhe Castle is, tellingly, hung between a Rembrandt and a Chagall painting at the Amhuinnsuidhe Art Gallery and features a dynamic and powerful image of a Golden eagle gripping a sea trout between its talons.

The Nature of the Sixth Sense collection can be purchased as a set or as individual portraits. Each art work is priced at £4,995.

The size of each picture is: 465mm x 465mm (18.3" x 18.3")

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In the tradition of our dedicated family firm, we are also offering to create for clients unique personalised marquetry pictures, inspired by the Sixth Sense collection. Clients will be given the opportunity to choose their subject matter and work closely with the artistry team so that any special and significant recollection of the natural world; the time, place and environment, can be faithfully and authentically reproduced in art form.

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