About Wheathills

A destination where the pursuit of creative excellence and accomplished craftsmanship is celebrated and practised.

About Wheathills

Wheathills is a creative hub where our team of outstanding artists and dedicated craftspeople work collectively using their diverse specialised skills in a variety of fields.

~ We create exquisite pieces of bespoke and highly personalised furniture and memory boxes.

~ We restore period interiors and antique furniture.

~ We conserve and maintain listed historic buildings and monuments.

Our craftspeople range from marquetry specialists, digital and traditional artists, to cabinet makers, gilders, upholsterers, carving experts and traditional French polishers.

The Wheathills team shares a broad aim to conserve our heritage with sympathy and we undertake restoration projects with assiduous care and diligence respecting the vision and integrity of the original craftman and designers.

At the heart of our creative work is the production of exquisite highly personalised memory boxes and sublime furniture – which will be enjoyed by future generations.

We will go to extraordinary lengths to personalise a commission. This may involve sourcing specific materials for a client or studying the petals of a particular flower that has been grown in the Wheathills’ s garden because it is of symbolic resonance to the client and is to be represented in marquetry in their piece of personalised furniture or memory box.