Exquisite Memory Boxes

Take a Wheathills memory box. Place your most treasured possessions within it. Feel it become the touchstone to re-connect you to the most precious moments of your lived experience: the time, the place, the feeling.

Exquisite Memory Boxes

During our lives we collect special symbolic and significant objects, that represent our feelings, a memory, or an experience. Often we store these objects which connect us to unforgettable times and places in an old shoe box or a bottom drawer.

No matter what form a memory box takes, its connection to our innermost self transforms the simple container into a very special and magical place.

The extraordinary boxes we create at Wheathills add a new and unique dimension to the magical emotional properties of the memory box. They encapsulate our clients’ personalities, their dreams, imagination and aspirations. Each box is inspired by the feelings drawn from our clients’ irreplaceable keepsakes.

A bespoke memory box, with its secret drawers and fitted trays, is decorated with exquisite individualised marquetry to symbolically convey a personal life story and its attendant adventures.

Our off the bench memory boxes are simple and of exceptional beauty so will always find pride of place in your heart and your home. The objects within and the box itself become an integrated receptacle of memories.

A monogrammed box will infuse both character and passion into the gift, with personal iconography entwined within the initials.