Art Working Exhibition October 2023

Art Working Exhibition

Featuring fine works from the easel of Gina Collins of Purple Pixie and live demonstrations of wood carving, turning, marquetry, French polishing & painting.

When: Friday 20th & Saturday 21st October

Time: 10.00 am until 4.00 pm

To request your free & personal invitation please contact us on:

Tel: 01332 308808 or Email:


All things must pass, but outside of our limited personal expectations and hopes of longevity, many natural processes allow for rebirth, in the cycle of the seasons.

From the human perspective, decay often brings sadness, perhaps regret and the longing to remain in stasis so we might enjoy our lives and all that we perceive as beautiful, for a little while longer.

Nature has a different timescale, but if we can find the moments to

pause and reflect along the way of our own short span, we may

begin to understand and appreciate the beauty that is revealed in natural decay.

This exhibition and the demonstrations of the work of our hands, attempts to explain the process of our own study into, and better appreciation of, the Beauty of Decay, via natural patination and natures inevitable reclamation.

Nigel Heldreich