Brighton Belle Restoration

The Brighton Belle

This glorious Art-Deco Pullman train represents an important part of Britain’s railway heritage. Launched in 1933 by the Southern Railway, it offered passengers travelling between London and Brighton an unprecedented experience of luxury and personal service. However as a result of the Beecham reforms, the iconic Brighton Belle was withdrawn from service on April 30th, 1972 and all of its component fifteen cars were sold into private ownership, ending an era.

A campaign to return the glamourous electric Pullman train back to mainline service was launched by the 5BEL Trust in 2008 and since that time a number of the cars have been re-acquired. Wheathills is proud to be one of the specialist UK businesses called upon to work on restoration projects, to bring back to life the Brighton Belle.

Restoring the Brighton Belle...

Funds are being raised from well-wishers, past passengers, enthusiasts and local families; a whole community of people are getting involved in this worthy project. These funds are carefully assigned to each part of the restoration, and Wheathills part in this endeavour has now begun.