Passionate Box

Passionate Box

Architecturally inspired and monumental in style these Boxes are designed for the passionate followers of specific interest.

Passionate Box

Inspired by a specific piece of neo-classical monument architecture, the design of this box reflects the particular interests of the devotee.

Each box can be ingeniously designed and engineered so that its side panels are interchangeable, as shown here. The aficionado’s interest can be represented on panels decorated with any imaginable medium: paint, marquetry, porcelain, gilding, bronze work or carving.

A paean to the Romantic poet Byron, this box has micro marquetry panels created from thousands of minute pieces of timber from varying species .

Other panels are miniature paintings by British maverick artist Nick McCann and these carry precise detail of scenes from Lord Byron’s life.

The lid of this box lifts off to reveal a beautifully engineered storage section for the unique collection of miniature pictures.

These boxes provide an unusual and inspiring form of display to showcase their unique collection of miniature pictures and present an ingenious manner in which to keep them safe.

Prices start from £35,000

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