If you can imagine it - we can create it

If you can imagine it - we can create it

‘Our memories are treasured, our experiences are cherished, and our emotions are intimate; it is only our imagination that can recreate many of our precious moments.’

Here at Wheathills our team of artists and skilled craftspeople take a visionary story and create some of the most personalised memory boxes possible. Our dedicated and talented team, led by Nigel Heldreich, collectively have a unique flair for being able to listen to a personal story or experience and then we let our imagination and craftsmanship create the most exquisite marquetry that can be treasured for generations to come.

Nigel Heldreich explains how we capture even the smallest detail in all of our work; “We get great pleasure in watching personal reactions to seeing their unique story created in marquetry for the very first time. We spend a lot of time with our clients just listening to them recall tales, memories and special moments. When we come to creating the initial artwork we feel we have also have a connection with the piece, that’s what sets us apart.

“Capturing a glint of an eye or identifying a delicate petal falling from a flower in a meadow is key to truly bring a picture made of thousands of pieces of wood to life. We choose the exact minute piece of veneer to create marquetry and micro-marquetry to tell the clients story – and we have done for many years.

“Each time a client gets in touch to ask us to create these beautiful pieces, or when they collect their pieces to take home and relive their memories, we love the feeling of connection that they walk away with.”

We thank each and every one of our clients for choosing to share their precious moments with us and we receive some truly moving letters of thanks – here are some that we would like to share again:

“The bright-eyed hare, alert amid a meadow hideaway, is so life like that it seems poised to leap and flee when it sees me gazing at it.” 

“Being involved in the design was an essential pleasure so that, after refining the artist’s ideas we reached the perfect encapsulation of my memories.”

“… every detail was perfect and it will be enjoyed and talked about for many, many generations.”

“It is, without question, the most beautiful, thoughtful unique gift I have ever been fortunate enough to give, and for that, I will be eternally grateful.”

“You and your dedicated team, have shown how perfection has been enhanced in the making of this exquisite small box.”

“This is a precious reminder of a school girls visit to Hubberholme, a tiny hamlet in Yorkshire, (seventy odd years ago!) to see ‘mousemans’ carvings on the oak pews in the church.”

“'I have had the pleasure of seeing many beautiful objects in my time but the creativeness of your team is not only very special but obviously, from my personal point of view, is giving me great pleasure.''

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