Eagles Over Amhuinnsuidhe Castle

Eagles Over Amhuinnsuidhe Castle

We are very proud to have been commissioned to create a meaningful addition to the Amhuinnsuidhe art gallery, situated on the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides.

Inspired by our "Nature of the Sixth Sense" collection, our picture is created entirely from timber having a background of finely figured butt walnut. Hundreds of tiny pieces of timber are arranged and inlayed to create a dynamic image of a Golden Eagle and a sea trout, both of which species enjoy a stronghold in the Outer Hebrides.

The piece is intended to carry a message for life. The eagle is symbolic of honour and truth. Clasped in the raptor's talons is a trout – an occurrence which is rarely seen and a privilege to witness. The trout symbolises love, hope and community.

Tucked into the folds of the natural grain and figured patterns of the walnut, is the castle itself, cleverly created from the actual background walnut yet placed with opposing grain directions to allow light to define the castle’s form.

“The subtle and modest appearance of the castle symbolises man’s insignificance against the vast backdrop of nature and also suggests man's responsibility to co-exist sensitively within his community and the wider, magnificent natural world''.

All is encompassed by a solid walnut frame which is inlayed with raw unfinished birch tree bark.
Significantly, birch tree bark was once used as a favoured material to write upon, which enabled wisdom to be shared. Birch trees symbolise protection, new beginnings and knowledge.

Concealed within the picture frame is a secret panel which once pressed reveals the words of wisdom hidden within the iconography and subject matter of the picture. It’s message is powerful and simple: be truthful and honest to yourself and others, love without reservation and never give up hope, find the magic in ordinary things and the beauty in family and community, seek knowledge and skill, pass it on, then open your heart to the possibilities, understand kindness is reciprocal and that this is in all that matters in the end.

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