A Nine Walnut Coat Stand

A Nine Walnut Coat Stand

The love of trees, the rising sun and a full moonlight reflection to be expressed in the design of a coat stand was an unusual brief indeed.

The resulting piece is a paean to nature and largely inspired by the structure of three particularly pleasant shaped leaves from a lovely walnut tree which grows in our grounds at Wheathills. In our design, the leaf stems have been elongated to form the butt walnut supports of the coat stand. These emerge from a circular base of satinwood and figured walnut, which symbolically represents the moon reflecting in a pool.

At the apex of this beautiful and unusual coat stand a 23 carat gold ball, representing the rising sun, peeps from between the out-splayed marquetry leaves reflecting gold onto the backs of the leaves.

By the mystical magic of Wheathills’ engineering, the coat pegs can be released from the “leaf stem” support by pressing on each of the nine hand-carved walnuts which “grow” from the leaf stem. Each of the carved walnuts, which spring into life as a coat peg, were copied from individual true walnuts.

Brief beautifully accomplished.

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