Art Within Art

Art Within Art

Wheathills was posed with an interesting and challenging artistic dilemma, when a client asked us to frame a Royal Arts Academy picture which is painted on both sides of its translucent canvas. We concluded that the painting was a two-dimensional sculpture, whose full effect could be viewed only when light passed through the canvas.

This inspired our response to the puzzle of how best to frame such an unusual work of art – we created a highly imaginative picture frame in the form of a flame, which closely references the painting.

In effect one work of art has been designed to enhance another, to enable the two dimensional painting to be encompassed by a three dimensional impression of itself.

Carved in solid walnut, the logs represent English native trees being oak, ash, walnut and birch. Each carved with their respective recognisable bark and form. The logs cross each other in the centre and seated below is a cluster of kindling gilt in 23.5 carat rose gold, symbolic of glowing cinders. The bark of each log recoils realistically exposing the charcoal cubing of timber beneath. Flames rise from the seat of the fire, twisting and dancing around the picture in all directions completely encompassing the artwork until the final flicker at the very top.

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