The Travelling Salesman's Box

The Travelling Salesman's Box

Wheathills was delighted to create a new and imaginative use for a precious and well travelled old box, which had originally been a chemist sample case belonging to a client’s beloved great grandfather.

The interior was recreated as a jewellery case with fitted drawers and cupboards. All was then lined with fine marquetry images depicting the original owner’s musical pursuits, which were shared and enjoyed with his family.

But the exterior of the journey-man’s box remained historic, to respect and reflect upon the original owner’s dedication to his work and to the provision of his family.

The timber has been traditionally hand French polished to a silky smooth aromatic beeswax finish throughout. Fitted to the base of the right side upper drawer is a marquetry lozenge depicting the Wheathills lady above the year the box was created all within a coronet.

Take a look at the video and the before and after photos below...