Wildlife in Marquetry

Wildlife in Marquetry

Wheathills explores the concept of sensory awareness beyond the realm of normal perception in its new art collection.

"Nature of the Sixth Sense" Collection - Available Now

In our first collection of exquisite wildlife portraiture, we have sought to portray the extraordinary phenomenon of an animal’s “sixth sense.”

Our slice-of-life images truly capture this exciting spectacle of heightened perception common to all creatures as they navigate a world where the struggle for survival is a daily challenge.

This magnificent collection of marquetry pictures is a pinnacle of many years’ experience by the Wheathills team, whose work involves a profoundly close observation of nature.

Our collection captures with starting verisimilitude a range of living creatures in their native British environments and comprises six sets of striking animal portraiture. Each set forms a triptych featuring three separate but thematically connected images of an individual creature in varied states of being.

The highly detailed images convey the sensory awakenings of a range of wildlife including a soaring eagle, a leaping salmon, a majestic stag, a spring hare, an observant owl and a meadow pheasant.

Our animal subjects are first pictured in repose, secondly in a state of heightened awareness of its natural surroundings and finally in a posture which fully conveys the latent energy and powerful movement characteristic of its fight-or-flight response.

Although the stunning representational images record transient moments in the lives of these creatures, they also symbolise a whole way of living: the daily response of fight or flight, the outcome of which can mean survival or death.

The Wheathills team often works outdoors and when encountering wildlife, we tip-toe around it so that creatures can go about their business undisturbed. It's a massive privilege to be able to observe at close hand the intense and intimate moments of their life and we really wanted to share the joy of this through our art.

Our collection is both a tribute and a mark of respect to the remarkable wildlife on our doorstep. It not only reflects what we have seen but fully conveys the excitement and passion we have experienced in the process of making it. We are delighted to share it with you.

Are you thinking of a special creature that you have a personal connection with? If so, we would be delighted to discuss creating a unique marquetry picture with you. Please contact us on 01332 824819 or email janet@wheathills.com.

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