Villa Box

Villa Box

Gorgeous Georgian symmetry transfigured into a beautiful bijou jewellery box.

Villa Box

A unique jewellery box of intriguing design with a Georgian villa façade and featuring a fall front.

It’s tiled roof is from carved walnut and is framed by a delicate boxwood gutter with a dental cornice. The detailed design includes a pair of chimneys.

Objects seen through the windows allude to personal stories relating to the commissioning client and the garden surrounding the villa features the client’s favourite flower: agapanthus.

The fitted box interior dazzles with beautiful detailed marquetry. This has been inlaid to create various stunning illusory effects. When the box is opened a decorative Georgian vaulted ceiling is revealed.

Once the fall front is placed in its horizontal position a Georgian carpet is displayed on a tiled floor. Concealed drawers are fitted with puzzle catches to intrigue and tantalise.

Favourite garden birds are depicted on a second floor level, either side of a symmetrical pillared hallway.

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