Tattershall Castle Floors

Tattershall Castle Floors

Tattershall Castle floors

Restoring the grade 1 listed floors of Tattersall Castle was a considerable feat involving the removal and replacement of a huge quantity of material.

The castle floors are made from lime ash concrete – a common term to describe the gypsum-based plaster which is mixed at the time of construction with waste product from a lime kiln.

Our craftsmen displayed the stamina and strength of the original workmen in their task, due to conservation restrictions. Conservation logistics required that no temporary fixings, winches or attached scaffolding was permitted to transport material to avoid damage to the ancient monument.

They removed four tonnes of damaged material from the floor and carried it down a spiral staircase numbering 149 steps.

Our aggregate was crushed to the size of the original and then transported to its destination site, where it was mixed with fresh gypsum and applied to the prepared holes. The original mix and technique was employed to restore the floor.

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