South Pole

South Pole

South Pole

A trio to celebrate a triumph !

A memory box created in walnut of dovetail form, consisting of three separate and individual boxes. 

Each box tells part of the story of Bryony Balen’s record breaking expedition to the South Pole. At the age of twenty Bryony is the youngest person to have completed this challenge.

The trio of stackable boxes each acknowledge a stage in Bryony’s journey. The exterior art work on the foundation box represents the planning stage of her adventure, the designs depicted on the second box symbolise tenacity, inner strength and her private motivations. The final box marks and celebrates the crest of her achievement and completed goal.

Usefully, the lower boxes remain unfitted to house keepsakes. But the top box is home to a special tray, with an unusual tilted lid which reveals a wonderful sentiment.

Fittingly the summit box is decorated beautifully with an image of the South Pole beacon.

The Box is traditionally hand French polished to a silky smooth beeswax finish.

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