Derbyshire Project

Derbyshire Project


One evening our client noticed a golden oak shade beneath a chipped area of paint on her staircase . It transpired that the Arts and Crafts staircase and large over-hanging ceiling light had been painted white in the 1970s. After a period of close investigation, examination and paint scaping, Wheathills began a complete and highly meticulous restoration. The staircase was of solid quarter cut oak with faux quartered wood graining. We returned the whole to its original light colour. Paint was removed from the grained surface and great care was taken to avoid disturbing strokes of the original craftsmans’ brush and feathers.

During re-finishing our craftsmen meticulously followed the remaining authentic shadow of graining. This work was undertaken with the same methods and tools that would have been used by the original craftsmen: fitch brushes, combs and swan feathers were used to simulate the natural figuring of quarter cut oak.

Ceiling light and decorative beams were restored to their original state, and in contrast to the staircase, were traditionally French polished

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