A Proposal of Marriage

A Proposal of Marriage

A Proposal of Marriage

A love story can be told as it unfolds with a special combination of a Wheathills promise box and a memory box.

A love story is celebrated here in the form of a beautiful memory box. The front of the French polished butt walnut box is decorated with a pair of hearts and a personal sentiment. The lid reveals the pet names of the couple, entwined with wedding bands, symbolic flowers and an expression of lasting love.

But the story began with a promise box presented as a Valentine’s Day gift. The promise box contained two heart shaped handmade keys to be worn as “his and her” jewellery. A scroll within the promise box delivered a message of love to the recipient.

Whilst the love story played out, Wheathills was instructed to capture its essence in art form. Our commissioning client, the American football player Travis LaBoy planned a surprise proposal in a romantic setting on the Amalfi coast, using a bespoke Wheathills memory box to enhance the magic of the moment. He opened the memory box with his key from the promise box, a signal for music to set up and play “their tune”.

When the box was opened, the interior lid revealed the image of their veranda view of the Amalfi coast, represented in fine marquetry. A tray within the box is decorated with a single red rose and message of love. Within the centre of the tray lid is a keyhole which can only be opened with the female promise box key. This opens a concealed mechanical drawer which is fitted with a ring post which held the engagement ring.

Of course, the lucky lady said “Yes ! ”

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