Wheathills Took the Blues out of Chicago

Wheathills Took the Blues out of Chicago

Wheathills recently showcased half a million pounds worth of hand-crafted memory boxes at an exclusive event in Chicago – and boy did they love it.

Nigel Heldreich, owner of the Derbyshire-based firm, delivered a passionate presentation at the iconic Aon Centre in Chicago to an intimate audience. Guests were able to get up close to the fifteen exquisite pieces on display that had also made the four-thousand-mile journey from Derbyshire to Chicago.

Whilst finding out more about the story of Wheathills, guests also had the opportunity to ask questions at this unique event. One guest commented: “Wow, these memory boxes are true works of art. I love to see something that has been carefully hand-created – and it’s a joy to be able to see the work that goes into each piece. When Nigel mentioned that more than eight different skills has been poured into these pieces, I was amazed. What a great gift for someone who wants something personal, unique and to pass down the family line.”

The trip was such a success that Nigel now plans to re-visit the US in the Autumn at another exclusive event: “Our recent trip to Chicago was a great experience, and we made lots of new friends while we were there. So much so that we are really looking forward to visiting again at the end of the year”.

“We haven’t decided on an exact location for our next visit yet and we have received lots of invitations for locations from our US clients – so watch this space.”  

Wheathills specialises in creating memory boxes and fine furniture distinguished by marquetry – a process where miniscule pieces of wood, as many as 100 pieces per square inch, are arranged to form elaborate shapes and images.

The memory boxes are beautiful pieces of art, which hold and capture in their design precious personal family memories. They are decorated with unique personalised marquetry which celebrate the defining moments of an individual’s life.