Wheathills take micro-marquetry to the extreme

Wheathills take micro-marquetry™ to the extreme

Breathe steadily, hold a stabilised grip and bring ceaseless patience – these are just some of the qualities that the Wheathills craftspeople apply every single day to create the most exquisite artwork for their clients using micro-marquetry. 

Wheathills specialises in translating the smallest detail into a piece of art made out of wood that has the biggest impact, and no detail is missed. Micro-marquetry is a traditional skill that requires precision and attention to the smallest detail at every step of the way.

Micro-marquetry can take many years to learn, but most importantly, one of the skills that the Wheathills experts have is understanding the wood they are working with – how each single grain reflects the light and how each single piece make the whole picture come to life!

Taking their craft to the extreme, Wheathills are truly passionate about every single piece that passes through their workshops, as if they were creating it for a loved one of their own.

One fine example of this highly skilled craft is embodied following a recent commission to create an image of a Golden Eagle clutching its freshly caught prey.

Micro Marquetry

Take a closer look and you can almost hear the beating of its wings as it soars to its resting place. Standing back to admire the artwork the detail becomes an image that rests on the eye so easily - every wisp of a feather and the single drops of water from the prey truly come to life.

This piece comprises of more than one hundred pieces per square inch and includes twenty-five different species of wood of different colours, textures and finishes to get the perfect result (read more about it here).

When the Wheathills skilled artist creates a drawing to be turned into micro-marquetry, they do not miss out any detail, and this is why micro-marquetry is key to picking out every single component.

How else do you fit together tiny pieces of wood to create the illusion that makes a flag appear to be fluttering in the wind or that the pollen on a flower is just about fall in the breeze.

Micro-marquetry is something that is admired and coveted all over the world and Wheathills is proud to uphold their high standards and vision into a gift that is truly unique.

“If you can imagine it – we can create it.” Wheathills, 2019.


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