Wheathills go on Chicago Adventure

Wheathills go on Chicago Adventure

Wheathills cross the Atlantic with fifteen exquisite memory boxes that have a combined value of over half a million pounds to tantalise the great and the good of Chicago.

Wheathills is a family run business based in Derbyshire, at the heart of England, and is home to a team of highly skilled traditional craftspeople. Wheathills creates unique pieces of furniture and personalised memory boxes, restores period furniture and specialises in the conservation of historic buildings and monuments.

Wheathills are set to dazzle the high society of Chicago when they cross the Atlantic later this month to showcase their work.

Owner of the Derbyshire-based firm Nigel Heldreich will make the journey with a precious cargo of fifteen handcrafted memory boxes, worth a combined value of more than half a million pounds.

The bespoke made memory boxes, which are designed and decorated with fine micro-marquetry and personalised uniquely for each client, will be displayed by special invitation at a champagne reception hosted at the prestigious Aon Centre in Chicago on March 28th.

Wheathills is making the visit at the invitation of a client, who was so impressed after receiving a memory box to commemorate his 30th wedding anniversary, that he was inspired to share his enthusiasm for the “exquisite” work undertaken by the firm.

Nigel, who will be giving a talk about the work of the Wheathills’ team of craftsmen said: “We are delighted to be invited to the USA. We have clients from all over the world and are always pleased and proud to be invited to new shores to introduce our amazing work.

“Our memory boxes are beautiful pieces of art, which hold and capture in their design precious personal family memories.  We feel that each box is a true token of love, symbolised in personal marquetry which celebrates the defining moments in a person’s life.”

Wheathills specialises in creating memory boxes and fine furniture distinguished by exquisite marquetry – a process where miniscule pieces of wood, as many as 100 pieces per square inch, are arranged to form elaborate shapes and beautiful images.

For more information and/ or professional high resolution images to support this article, please contact Nigel Heldreich on 01332 824819 or email janet@wheathills.com  or visit www.wheathills.com  for a general overview.