Thank you from Wheathills

May I say a massive thank you from all at Wheathills to the intrepid souls who braved the floods on the 20th and 21st of October.
Despite the dreadful weather which blocked surrounding roads and flooded the beauty of decay exhibition, the event went surprisingly well with all things considered. We enjoyed orders from Texas, Europe, London and local counties together with sales on the day making the event very successful indeed.

If you wish to see the works that were on display in the gallery along with the latest new additions, please visit:

UK orders are guaranteed to be with you in time for Christmas, even if I have to deliver them myself.

If you are looking for an extra special unique gift, we have a few exquisite 
promise box opportunities available for delivery before Christmas. 

For those who are not familiar with this idea , receiving a classically presented promise box that is decorated 
in personalised marquetry, provides a tantalising insight into a creative journey where the recipient of the gift is 
presented with a hand-crafted walnut box enclosing a magical key. In good time whilst 
working closely with our attentive craft people, this key will eventually open the secrets of 
the gift of memories cleverly concealed in either a memory box, portrait or a touch stone 
picture, yet to be conceived and created.

Promise Boxes

Remember, the gift of memories personified in exquisite 
art is not just for Christmas, it will endure for lifetimes.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas 
and a prosperous new year.

Kind regards

Nigel Heldreich