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History of the House

Wheathills was originally built by the Bennett family between 1763 and 1800 and was then later purchased by Francis Mundy, Lord of the Manor, on 11th July 1805, for his retirement home.


Samuel Brown, a Derby Architect, who also made the working drawing for Derby General Infirmary, based on William Strutt’s designs, was paid £1,150 over four years for his services (a lot of money in those days). We know that Wheathills was a very grand house with local alabaster stone fireplaces supplied by Richard Brown of King Street, Derby. The house also contained hand drawn plaster-work, panelled rooms, decorative stone, wooden polished floors, decorative metal work, a library and a small Ballroom with a quartet alcove.

Throughout, the house was decorated to a very high standard according to surviving documents that are available. On the death of Sir Francis Mundy, the house experienced a change of use – becoming a working farmhouse and over the years many of the interior features were removed. Sadly, the last alabaster fireplace was sold for over £11,000 at auction prior to our purchase of the house.

Finally, the building was converted into nine flats about 20 to 30 years ago, which almost destroyed what was left of the remaining plaster work and panelling. Fortunately there are fragments of features and hidden sections of painted panelling all around the property. Using these clues, together with further investigations being carried out as restoration progresses, we can make educated guesses as to what the original property looked like in Lord Mundy's time.

Our intention is not to slavishly copy Brown's designs, but to make an honest interpretation of them using timber, plaster and modern wall coverings in the typical style of a Regency home of that period.

More information on the history of Wheathills.

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